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A podcast covering Theme Parks like Disneyland, Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios Hollywood and regional parks in California! We are all about #ParksPopCulture!

Jul 6, 2018

On the series premiere of Friday Fan Forum we talk about, well frankly, the reason we are all here, Fandom. Fandom, of all types, pumps countless dollars into the global economy every year, and in’s cool to be a geek! But, sometime even something as innocent as being a fan of something can get ugly. This week on the Friday Fan Forum, “When Fandom Goes Too Far.”

We are joined by DaleKnows from Network 1901 to discuss Star Wars Fans, D23, and Passholes!

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BONUS CONTENT: Dale sticks around for a discussion of YouTubers & DisFlix.