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Mar 10, 2021


Meg was once on Disney's Dream Squad, and while that usually meant making dreams come true - one time it almost meant her job! Plus, Jay Sherer faces off with Josh Taylor in a game of Goldblumian and Nic Cagean proportions on Theme Park Pulse: The Game!
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Kory: [00:00:00] welcome to  pulse, the game, the game show for theme park fans. I'm your host Kory in San Francisco, California. And I'll introduce you to the rest of the panel in just a second. Theme Park Pulse: The Game is a fan supported podcast. Meaning this ultimately costs us more money than we make. It's truly a labor of love for everyone you hear on the show and we can really use your support on our Patriot for as little as a dollar a month.

You'll get some awesome benefits and you'll help us offset the costs associated with making this show. There's a link down in the show notes. If money is tight and we totally get that, help us out by telling a friend about the show and showing them how to subscribe. Hmm, thanks in advance. In the next half hour, you'll meet a former cast member and part of the Walt Disney world dream squad laid off during the pandemic and our buddy Jay Sherer from the story geek stops by for an unconventional showdown on rollercoaster. Rapid-fire up first. It's the Park's pop culture pop quiz.

if you'd like to play theme park pulse the game. Call (213) 935-0513. That's (213) 935-0513. And leave a message. Let's welcome. Our listener contestant on theme park pulse the game from Orlando, Florida. It's Meg Patton. Hey meg. Great to be here. Thank you for joining us! In just a minute. I'm going to test your Park's knowledge with the Park's pop culture pop quiz.

But first I'd like to introduce you to our legacy panel, 

Albie: [00:01:54] Oh, that's not funny. 

Kory: [00:01:56] Up first. Check again from the deck of a star ship that is randomly docked in Sacramento, California, for some reason, it's our scorekeeper Albie up high. 

Adam: [00:02:05] Yeah. 

Albie: [00:02:05] So I needed fuel some like, Hey, this place looks cool and it's not covered in snow.

Let's stop here. 

Kory: [00:02:11] And the gas prices are cheaper there than, you know, a lot of nearby cities. 

Sean: [00:02:15] Yeah. I 

Albie:[00:02:15] don't have to steal it from a. Pirates some space. 

Kory: [00:02:19] It's just practical, just a few miles away from Alby there in California's capital city sits the host of Adam's theme park time machine on this channel, and very much in competition for the best beard on this show.

It's Adam Vargas. Well, and see we're 

Adam: [00:02:32] on zoom, so I'm not wearing a mask so you can see it. And it's newly trimmed. It's good 

Kory: [00:02:37] for this next panelist known for her haikus. A poem roses are red. Violets are blue. Nikki loves kitties and podcasting. Oh, 

Nikki: [00:02:48] that 

Kory: [00:02:48] was wonderful. Co-host of Jack and Nicky weekday mornings on WVA Q in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Hey man. Oh, 

Nikki: [00:02:56] what's up? Y'all 

Kory: [00:02:57] South South West of West Virginia in the suburbs of Greenville. South Carolina is where we find our friend Jack. Calls him Shawny. Shawn, Shawn, Shawn, or daddy. Goth Santa's is used regularly, but his friends just call him Sean. 

Sean: [00:03:12] I'm also not wearing a mask, but when I do, you can still see my beard.

They just become one after a while. 

Kory: [00:03:20] It's true. And finally, he is the host of modern mouse on YouTube and in your podcast feeds. And he's the trivia. God. He wrote that on Tuesday nights for Disney trivia, Tuesday on the theme park pulse, Twitch and Facebook live. It's Josh Taylor in Denver, Colorado. Hey, John Corey, I wrote you a potent too.

Adam: [00:03:37] Did you? Yeah. Uh, it 

Unknown: [00:03:38] goes like this, uh, roses are red. You just introduced me. I'm here for some games and probably some hazing. Yeah. I. 

Sean: [00:03:50] And a genius

Kory: [00:03:55] continuing our series. He's on former cast members of the Walt Disney company. Maggie worked on the dream squad, which by the way, sounds super rad. Just get to make people's dreams come true. It's amazing. And you had a bit of a swash buckling interaction. You might say with a guest at up cuts, mouse gear, can you share that story?

Meg: [00:04:15] I would say the, you know, the dreams, God was amazing, you know, given out dreams, nicest Cinderella, castle, suite, and Disney vacation club memberships. But when you were not doing all those high profile things, you were just literally wandering the park and. Looking for ways to amuse yourself and others. So I came out from our office and I look over and there's this older grandfather type gentlemen coming out of mouse gear, wearing a child's pirate hat is kind of standing there, you know, arms crossed.

I was like, Oh, I have to go talk to this guy. So immediately, very chatty we're talking it up, I'm calling them a pirate, R B from Mayday and you know, he's going back and forth. I was like, Oh, this is great. What fun? I was like, wait, I have, I have a pirate button. I can like officially make this guy a pirate.

So I take out the button, I make it this big thing. He's like all excited. And he goes, would you mind pinning it on me? And I was like, Oh, you know, okay. I don't, you know, any, I will never forget this. He like slow motion pulls his arm that had kind of been hidden, which I didn't. Well, he noticed out and on his hand is an honest to goodness, real life hook.

So all of a sudden my brain goes, I just called a man to the hook. It 

Unknown: [00:05:31] five times 

Meg: [00:05:34] I. If going to get fired. I like look at the fellow dream squad member that is with me who thank goodness is the sweetest person on the planet. So I was like, they will believe Jackie that I will not  thank goodness. I have a witness and he like taps the button with his hook.

So that like day, sir, I was like, Oh my God. Oh my God. So I immediately go upstairs, write a whole email to my leader like this. I was really trying to make magic. It really blew up in my face. So fast forward the end of the night, if you've ever been at the parks, sometimes we wave and so dreams called. We would do that.

And I saw this man coming in a sea of like 30,000 people. I see my pirate. I was like, Oh my gosh, this is it. This is where he's going to call me out from everyone. And about these were this big family and they all yell my name.

Everybody literally bought it. 

Unknown: [00:06:26] So excited. They're like, he's been 

Meg: [00:06:27] jogging about you all night. I'm so glad he got to meet you. He's so proud to be a pirate. So I was like, Oh, 

Kory: [00:06:34] ultimately really happy with what you had done. 

Adam: [00:06:37] But I was 

Meg: [00:06:37] like, this is, I can't believe I called a man with a hook, a pirate. 

Kory: [00:06:43] Maggie, you haven't let leaving the Disney company slow you down.

You have a next page with mag where you put together a children's literature with related activities for kids. You've also created this thing that I'm fascinated by story hunts. What is story 

Meg: [00:06:55] hunts? So I personally have always been a fan of. Trivia, you know, it's just something I naturally liked and there's this great Facebook group called for each other that allows cast members and folks that want to support the impact of cast members, ways to connect.

And what are people looking for? And someone said, Hey, we're going to the parks. We know not everything's open. We're looking for like a scavenger hunt type of thing. And I was like, shh. I can't do that. You know, no one tells a story like Disney and there are so many details, teeny tiny ones, a big ones, you know, of course you can walk into agency expedition, Everest, and you know, you're in Asia, but do you also ever look at the prayer flags that are hanging and the dinged up pots and pans that are from the village?

So it's, it's that type of stuff that I send people all over the park. 

Kory: [00:07:39] I'm looking for. Where can people find your scavenger hunts? Cause that sounds really fun. 

Meg: [00:07:42] Yes. People are like, which one's your favorite? I'm like, well, I really try not to make a lame one. I mean, they're all on both Facebook and Instagram as well as Gmail next page with Meg.

All right, 

Kory: [00:07:56] man. We're going to play the parks, pop culture, pop quiz. I'm going to ask you three questions about some recent news from Park's pop culture. If you get too correct, we'll send you a glow in the dark theme park pulse wristband. You're ready to play. Oh, yeah, let's do it. Here we go. Question one.

It was once the rainforest cafe. Now it's Disneyland's first store outside the park dedicated to what space centric franchise, 

Meg: [00:08:23] a desktop.

Kory: [00:08:27] Oh, you can no longer get a burger under a drippy elephant. You can take home a grow goo of your very own. In my mind, I'm like. Can we do both room for all. How about a drippy Grogan? Can we get that?

Sean: [00:08:43] Eat the crumbs 

Unknown: [00:08:44] out of that little baby's mouth.

Kory: [00:08:50] Okay. Mag question two. It was announced recently that Disneyland is considering a dedicated entrance gate for what, 

Meg: [00:08:58] uh, annual pass 

Unknown: [00:08:59] holders. 

Kory: [00:09:01] That's right. An idea. And it's one that has already been implemented widely at Walt Disney world in Florida. But it makes me wonder before you give pass holders, their own entrance.

Wouldn't you want to consider actually like having pass holders? 

Unknown: [00:09:17] I don't know for us legacies. 

Kory: [00:09:19] You have your own line to go buy a one day one park ticket. All right, Meg, last question. As part of the upcoming 18 month celebration of Walt Disney world's 50th anniversary, which spherical park icon is getting some lighting upgrades.

Unknown: [00:09:34] I believe it is 

Meg: [00:09:34] spaceship earth. 

Kory: [00:09:37] That's right. It was also announced that those lighting upgrades will be permanent Disney. It's calling the 50th, the world's most magical celebration. It's rumored that Imagineers are already working on plans for the 60th anniversary of the resort, which they plan to call the world's more, most magical or celebration Topia.

Adam: [00:09:56] They really need you on 

Kory: [00:09:57] payroll. They do. I'll be headed back, do on the Park's pop culture, pop quiz. As the legendary 

Adam: [00:10:02] RuPaul says, 

Unknown: [00:10:03] you're a winner, baby.

Kory: [00:10:08] I wondered if lb could make this show a little bit Geyer and he did. Thank you, Alby. Congratulations, Maggie. Will you stick around and play some more games later in the show? Up next. We meet our guest Jay Scherer and put him to the test against a member of our panel and a game of gold blue Meehan and Nick KGN proportions.

See what I mean? Next on theme park pulse, the game.

Welcome back to theme park, post the game. Our guests this week is a long time friend of the no midnight media family of podcasts. He's an author and is a part of the story geeks podcast and YouTube channel in Southern California. It's our pal, Jay Shearer. Welcome Jay. Hey, 

Jay Sherer: [00:10:55] it is a pleasure to be here.

It's like in pandemic days. I'm just 

Kory: [00:10:58] glad I get to hang out with you guys. It does feel like hangs, not quite the same as the hangs we're used to, but almost how are you and your wife passing the time they're in. So Cal without Disneyland to run off. 

Jay Sherer: [00:11:10] Oh, it is such a bummer. I will tell you, we do get down to downtown Disney when it, when it's open and we'll have, you know, a meal and try to get some ice cream and salt and straw, which is amazing.

But yeah, a lot of times, I mean, we're just like watching TV, doing podcasts, working remotely, staying at home. 

Kory: [00:11:27] You do what you can, in addition to being a super talented podcaster, definitely checkout story geeks. You're also an author and that you co-wrote an audio book called death of a bounty Hunter.

That's getting a lot of attention. Tell us about that. What's death. 

Jay Sherer: [00:11:42] Death of a bunny owner is my favorite thing that I have actually ever written. And one of the things that made it, my favorite thing is it exists as a novel. But we wrote it to be a full cast audio book. So we know we didn't have the budget to film a movie.

And so what we did was we said, look, we can actually write this as a full cast audio book use all of our friends who are in the acting community and do this. And so we have three different narrators who were recording from the first person, but we have a total of 11 voice actors voicing 14 different characters.

It's like a supernatural steam punk Western. So if you're into that kind of thing, it's a genre mashup, and it's a story about a Korean bounty Hunter who kind of, has to come face to face with the widow. Of a guy that he killed. And so it's a very intense, but very fun story. And you guys can check it out death of 

Adam: [00:12:33] a bunny,

Can I just say quickly as an avid audio book listener, I wish more audio books would do that. I get so sick of hearing the same white dude doing voices. Bravo, man. Good job, 

Kory: [00:12:47] Jay. What is the story? Geeks podcast. 

Jay Sherer: [00:12:50] We're all about storytelling. And so the art of storytelling is really important to us. So Kayla Monroe, who is a screenwriter, he wrote the Mongolian connection.

And I, uh, and sometimes occasional guests will talk about the philosophy of storytelling and what goes on, um, when you're writing our story or telling a story. And then we also have a whole team of people who just like to geek out about geek stories, science fiction, fantasy comic book stories. And so that's kind of a big mashup of all the things that we do together.

And I think almost everybody here has been on that 

Adam: [00:13:22] show. Right? 

Jay Sherer: [00:13:23] Almost everybody here has been on that show at one point in time or 

Kory: [00:13:25] another analyst, Josh Taylor have hosted a podcast dedicated to the personalities and work of two great American actors. You've got one. You've already done one that's coming up.

The first one was on Jeff Goldbloom. And the upcoming one is about Nick cage. Why those two actors and later why work with Josh Taylor? I'm just kidding. 

Adam: [00:13:49] It's fair. Actually. I want to do 

Jay Sherer: [00:13:51] those podcasts because I get to work with Josh Taylor, who I think is super fun to work with. He's the best. Basically Josh came to me and it was like, I love Jeff Goldbloom and I think you're going to fall in love with Jeff Goldblum.

I was like, all right, let's see. And then of course you do because he's Jeff Goldbloom. We had a blast on that podcast. That was a fun one. That was good. I think we just said to ourselves, like we chose one huge nineties celebrity. Who else was big in the nineties. Oh, Hey, that guy, Nick cage big. Let's go after 

Kory: [00:14:17] him.

Scope living still out there somewhere. Josh 

Sean: [00:14:20] Taylor. Yeah. You can still listen to global blooming currently 

Unknown: [00:14:24] at the. Network 1901 or modern mouse website. 

Kory: [00:14:27] After all that work, you should be an expert on both of those men by now, but so HSA Josh Taylor. So this time on theme park, post the game, we are pitting you against each other.

It's rollercoaster. Rapid-fire the Goldbloom cage Taylor Scherer showdown, Adam. 

Adam: [00:14:46] All right. I'll admit, I don't think Nicholas cage and Jeff Goldbloom have that much to do with theme parks, but you know what? You guys love those guys. And we like to have fun. It's 

Kory: [00:14:55] technicality. They like parks and they like these guys.

Adam: [00:14:58] It's two degrees of separation. I guys, we played rollercoaster. Rapid-fire, uh, quite a few times here on theme park, host the game, but just a quick refresher on how this works. I am going to ask you five questions with a number. That is incorrect. All you have to do is tell me, is the correct number higher or lower for no other reason than the fact that Josh is before Jay on my screen, Josh is going to go first.

And Jeff Goldbloom is going to be the first set of questions. No roller coaster rep fire, the marvelous Jeff Goldblum. Here we get the number of Portlandia episodes that Jeff Goldbloom stars in six. 

Sean: [00:15:41] Oh, uh, uh, lower 

Adam: [00:15:48] eight. My favorite roles include the doily salesman and the karaoke coach. Everybody needs to watch Jeff Goldbloom on Portlandia.

Kory: [00:15:55] I think he's great. As the pullout King, 

Adam: [00:15:57] he is very good as a pullout thing as well. Appearances in best picture, Oscar nominees, three lower. For Annie hall, the big chill, the right stuff. And the grand Budapest hotel. I don't know anything 

Sean: [00:16:16] about

Adam: [00:16:19] the number of times. Ian Malcolm says the word chaos or chaotic in Jurassic park nine. I'm 

Sean: [00:16:28] going to go lower, 

Adam: [00:16:30] correct. Six times. The word is said seven times in the movie once by Dr. Sattler and the other six by Dr. Malcolm Jeff gold blooms, Instagram followers, 1.5 million. Let me go higher

1 million, which honestly, that, that is criminally underrated. Yeah, man 

Sean: [00:16:54] fashion icon that is still too low for our Lord and savior 

Adam: [00:16:59] fifth and final question. The year he appeared on Saturday night live as Dr. Kent Waller opposite will Farrell as Harry Carey, 1999. Slower.

1997. And I only have one question for you. Hey, eat the moon. If it was made of ribs, 

Kory: [00:17:22] I'll be, how many did he get? 

Unknown: [00:17:24] He got three, right? So I guess he kind of does know 

Adam: [00:17:26] Jeff Goldbloom ish. He recovered. Nice. All right. J three is the number to beat. And I'm nervous about this guys. Nicolas cage. Joshua 

Jay Sherer: [00:17:35] was the one that did all the history stuff for this.

Kory: [00:17:39] I'm trying 

Adam: [00:17:40] to be interesting. 

Kory: [00:17:41] Oh, is this big trouble? I guess 

Jay Sherer: [00:17:42] let's see what I can do. 

Adam: [00:17:45] Number of IMD B after credits 90. Oh, 

Unknown: [00:17:50] higher. 

Adam: [00:17:53] 102. I don't have a joke for that. That's a lot of movies,

the rotten tomatoes approval rating for the Wicker man, 20% lower 15%. They're probably just all people who really, really liked. B's 

Kory: [00:18:14] Josh, how are you feeling right now? I'm 

Adam: [00:18:16] just really 

Sean: [00:18:17] excited that we're talking 

Unknown: [00:18:18] about 

Jay Sherer: [00:18:19] Nick cage and 

Adam: [00:18:19] Jeff Hogan movies in which he's credited by his birth name, Nicolas Coppola for if 

Jay Sherer: [00:18:28] you would've asked me what his birth name was, I would not have known 

Kory: [00:18:31] it.

I'm going to say lower.

Adam: [00:18:36] Yeah. Nicolas Coppola is for folks who don't know is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola. He was credited by his birth name and two movies, a TV movie in the early eighties and fast times at Ridgemont high, where he's the pizza delivery guy amount of time that he was married to Lisa Marie Presley 100 days 

Jay Sherer: [00:18:56] a minute, say higher,

Adam: [00:19:01] just barely 107 days, which means of course he has something in common with Michael Jackson. One of the only people weirder than Nicholas cage. Ah, we got to do that. Jackson podcast, Jay Sherry, you're going for the clean sweep on Nicholas cage, the amount of money he spent on a T-Rex skull, $250,000. 

Kory: [00:19:25] I don't even care what the answer is.


Jay Sherer: [00:19:28] I'm going to say that it's 

Adam: [00:19:29] higher than that.

Unknown: [00:19:34] Perfect 

Adam: [00:19:35] score in rollercoaster, rapid fire. $270,000. He returned it when he found out it was stolen. Now maybe I'm a cynical guy, but if somebody said you'll want to buy this T-Rex skull, I would just assume that he didn't get it legitimately. What's the legitimate 

Sean: [00:19:52] way to 

Adam: [00:19:52] get it. See Rex 

Sean: [00:19:53] skull, then 

Kory: [00:19:55] Jeff Goldbloom would have, uh, found a way one roller coaster, rapid fire this 

Adam: [00:20:01] time.

I mean, see, I'm obsessed 

Unknown: [00:20:03] with Cardi B and obviously. BJ's obsessed with Nick cage. So Jay won. Congratulations. 

Kory: [00:20:09] I don't know what 

Jay Sherer: [00:20:09] it says about me, 

Kory: [00:20:12] Jay, will you hang out on the panel for a bit and play the eighth to work with us at the end of the show? Sure. Up next on the podcast, you see, Nikki will read haiku's exactly.

Three. If Meg can guests two out of three, she might just be the champion of our next game by Nikki. I know. Oh my God. Thankfully, Nikki is a way more effective poet than I am happy. Hi, cruise is next on theme park pulse.

welcome back to theme park, post the game. If you'd like to be a contestant call (213) 935-0513 and leave a message or you can email Nikki in IKK I at noon, midnight Let's welcome back to the show from Orlando, Florida. It's Meg Patton. Welcome back. Thank you, Meg, we've invited you back to play a game of silly lines and crispy rhymes.

Yes. I made that up. It's a game Nikki invented. It's called happy haikus. Nikki 

Nikki: [00:21:17] Meg, you create scavenger hunts for families at Walt Disney world and the resorts and beyond. So I thought I would create a little puzzle for you to solve, but we're going with Disney land rides. 

Kory: [00:21:32] Just out of sheer cruelty.

Really? I'm sorry. Tricky. Tricky. 

Unknown: [00:21:38] I 

Nikki: [00:21:38] have created three haikus for you. You need to guess two out of three, correct? Two wins. So keep those Disneyland rides in mind. All right. Haikus number one, who even are you eat? Drink grow shrink heads will roll a tumbling down. We go. 

Meg: [00:21:58] I feel like that. I forget what it's called.

Alice in Wonderland. 

Nikki: [00:22:04] There you go. All right. This one might be a little bit tougher. Hey, number two. What a waste of pies? I hope you have insurance look out for that 

Unknown: [00:22:17] train. 

Meg: [00:22:20] Mr. Toad's wild ride 

Nikki: [00:22:24] pass. He needs one 

Meg: [00:22:25] insurance. 

Adam: [00:22:27] Didn't that watch out for that train thing. Was that like a, what were you like doing a little Georgia?

The jungle tie-in thing. That's what my mind went 

Sean: [00:22:33] to. 

Nikki: [00:22:34] Oh yeah. I didn't even think 

Kory: [00:22:36] of that. I'm actually just surprised you didn't find a way to Ryman goes to hell in there somewhere because I mean, that's a real, real thing. You've got to give the devil his due. It's an important plot point, 

Unknown: [00:22:47] right? 

Sean: [00:22:48] Crispy rhymes, 

Meg: [00:22:50] haiku, number three, 

Nikki: [00:22:52] a code adventure, stop and play some basketball.

Harold waits for 

Kory: [00:22:57] you. Oh, this one's tricky. Matter what? 

Unknown: [00:23:00] Yeah, 

Kory: [00:23:04] that was very insightful. Basketball, I guess she would say I'll be, how did Meg do on happy haikus, our special 

Unknown: [00:23:12] guest three questions. You're a winner.

Kory: [00:23:20] close enough. We'll wrap up the show with park guests behaving badly. The eighth dwarf is next on the game. Hey, it's Corey real quick while I have you at the park post, the game is a completely fan supported podcast. And well, last year we almost broke even, but because of the pandemic and the economic downturn, we've seen a lot of our financial support dry up.

If you've been thinking about supporting our work now would be a really great time to join us on Patrion. Just search for a midnight. And join for as little as a dollar a month. You'll pick up multiple cool bonus episodes every week and get early access to all of our shows with no ads like this one.

There's a link down in the description of this podcast. Take a look at that. Join us on Patrion. If you can, either way. Thank you so much for listening now back to the show.

before we wrap up the show this week, we're going to play another round of the eighth dwarf play along at home or on social media using the hashtag eighth dwarf, Sean, take it away. 

Sean: [00:24:35] All right. So we all know the seven doors they're designed to represent specific behaviors, personality traits. And at some point during any Disney trip, we're likely to see or be sleepy, dopey, happy, or.

While 2020 keeps casting its shadow over 2021 grumpy, but every now and then we witnessed people in the parks. So we just can't categorize as one of the seven dwarfs. Their behavior is so outrageous that we fit these people into their own category that we call. The eighth dwarf. All right. We're all avid Disney fans park goers.

Or we were back in the house the on days of 2019, you know, back in the before times. And we're all guilty, a little bit. Some of us made more than others of being that friend. You know, the one that, the note, all that is more than happy to offer tons of unsolicited advice. The minute you hear someone say the word Disney, most of us.

Meanwhile, but then there are folks like Alex, no matter what Alex, who is single with no kids mind, you knows what's best for you on your trip with your family. It doesn't matter that your family five who is bringing along grandma and grandpa, which was not an uncommon occurrence before 2020, Alex has yet.

Do it counter a trip that he can't micromanage all the help. He will gladly make all of your decisions for you. Context, be damned. He has a foolproof, one size fits all plan that you need to know. And clearly, if you don't listen to Alex, you are the stubborn one. Corey, what do we call Alex? 

Kory: [00:26:08] Daddy 

Sean: [00:26:11] buffoon.


Nikki: [00:26:14] you said he's single, right? Yeah,

Unknown: [00:26:21] this is Len Testa from ah, 

Adam: [00:26:28] E type a, 

Kory: [00:26:33] I 

Jay Sherer: [00:26:33] literally do not have a better answer than 

Kory: [00:26:37] shots. Also. We have two Lin testers. That's the first 

Sean: [00:26:44] and Meg. 

Kory: [00:26:47] I see, 

Sean: [00:26:49] I think Papa's he takes it. That's got a good flow. Good. All right. Next up, we have Danny with an eye. Let me start this whole thing by saying I'm old ish and I'm aware of this, but I don't reflectively hate all young people.

For example, I think I do a wonderful job of tolerating, Jackie, Jack, Jack, and all of his shenanigans jokes aside. I do try to do my best to remember that I was in my twenties once and well, it's kind of a Rite of passage. You dumb manned or short-sighted things in your twenties. Oh, but Danny, she goes just a little bit too far, or at least Danny goes too far when she's on trips, surrounded by five of her friends, flash photography on pirates, reciting the script in the haunted mansion, singing loudly and poorly on carousel of progress, saving quote unquote spots in line for all of their new friends in the space, mountain queue, perhaps the most egregious.

Practically stampeding over a young girl, dressed like bell so they can record themselves with guest on for their followers. Quote, unquote, I'll admit to being too old to get tick tock, but I sort of feel like it's not old fashioned to suggest that people not run over children. Unless, of course you are guest on, and then it's pretty much on brand.

But come on, Danny. Corey, what is Danny's eighth dwarf name? This 

Kory: [00:28:15] is why we can't have nice things. He 

Sean: [00:28:19] Al be exasperated. 

Unknown: [00:28:23] Look at me.

Sean: [00:28:29] I feel like that he would just go on. 

Unknown: [00:28:32] Josh, this would be entitled influencers, David Dilbert in his blog squad,

Sean: [00:28:41] Adam 

Adam: [00:28:42] hashtag the worst. 

Jay Sherer: [00:28:46] Mine's kind of similar to Nikki's, but it's selfie E

Sean: [00:28:53] and Meg 

Meg: [00:28:54] non influencing 

Kory: [00:28:58] non-influenza 

Meg: [00:29:00] fluid. 

Sean: [00:29:02] I think we're going to go with selfie, Jay. Well done. The extended E's really sell that one. I 

Kory: [00:29:07] think Jay and Meg, thank you so much for joining us this week on theme park, 

Jay Sherer: [00:29:11] post the game. It was great to be here and I'm a little bit ashamed of how well I did it in the cage

Adam: [00:29:19] theme park pulse, the game was created, written and produced by the panelists you heard on the show today, Corey, Allie, Nicki, 

Kory: [00:29:25] Adam, Sean. And, uh, we'd like to thank our special guests, Jay shear of the story geeks and our contestant former cast member, Meg Patton in 

Nikki: [00:29:33] Orlando. An all new episode of the doom.

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Kory: [00:30:08] friends. This is a fact from our family to yours, wear a mask, or is it three now, wash your hands.

Keep your eyes on the road. Call your mother and join us next time for an all new theme park pulse the game