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On the beat of themed entertainment. New season debuts January 2022. A production of No Midnight Media.

Sep 21, 2022


Dave and Nikki just got back from their first trip to the Disneyland Resort in California and want to tell you all about it before everything on the property gets replaced by the new D23 Parks announcements…yeah, we saw those too. 


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Aug 10, 2022

Your TikTok could get a Cast Member fired! Dave & Nikki discuss their journey towards sailing away on the Disney Wish and celebrate the career of Pat Carroll on Theme Park Pulse!

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Jul 27, 2022

Marvel Studios revealed the now-named “Multiverse Saga” at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. But with negative stories coming to light about some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s business practices, Dave Warwick wonders is now the best time to be excited about Marvel movies?
Plus, Josh Taylor with the latest on...

Jun 28, 2022

Theme Park Pulse celebrates Pride with a Theme Park Time Machine retrospective on Howard Ashman and artist Andreas Deja! Plus, our Mount Rushmore of Ashman/Menken Disney songs, Ms. Marvel and more details on the Disney Wish on Theme Park Pulse!

Jun 15, 2022

It’s summer blockbuster season and movie marketing is out in full-force! Join us for a double-feature discussion of Jurassic World: Dominion and Top Gun: Maverick.
Plus, a history of those franchises in some of our favorite parks. That’s today on Theme Park Pulse!

Dave Warwick
Nikki Drake