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Feb 24, 2021


Parker, from Adventures With Parker finds out if he is 'the map,' and former Walt Disney World cast member Jen Diaz tells us why she thinks Jungle Cruise is racist!


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Kory: [00:00:00] Four years ago on February 25th, 2017, my friends and I launched the no midnight podcast that would become no midnight media, a production company, producing theme park pulse, the game Adam's theme park time, machine unpacked, assemble the doom scroll and more over the last four years we've grown and you've grown with us.

We owe our growth to you. Thank you very much for telling your friends how much you love the show and for your iTunes reviews and your emails and your tweets. Most importantly, just thanks for listening. I'm Christopher Biel. You might know me as Corey, the host and producer of theme park, post the game.

And I just want to say thank you. 

Kory: [00:00:52] We're presenting this week's Theme Park Pulse: The Game. Ad-free

welcome to theme park pulse, the game, the game show for theme park fans. I'm your host Corey in San Francisco, and I'll introduce you to the rest of the panel and just a second. Theme park, post the game as a completely fan supported podcast. And if you would consider supporting our work for as little as a dollar a month, you'll get cool series like the doom scroll every Thursday morning.

It's a Patrion exclusive more info at the link in the show notes. Thanks in advance this week. Parker from adventures by Parker on YouTube finds out if he is in fact, the map and former Walt Disney world cast member gin Diaz. Tells us why she thinks the jungle cruise is racist. That's all in the next half hour on theme park pulse, the game up first, it's the Park's pop culture pop quiz.

If you'd like to play theme park, post the game, call (213) 935-0513 and leave a message. Let's welcome. Our first contestant on theme park, post the game this week from Orlando, Florida. It's Jen Diaz. Hey Corey. I'm so excited to be here. Thanks for joining us this week 10 in just a minute, I'm going to test your parks knowledge with the Park's pop culture pop quiz.

But first I want to introduce you to are mentally and physically scattered. Panel. You'll see what I mean in a minute, first in Sacramento, California, he is the co-host of assemble a Marvel podcast on our Patrion. He is a one-time so far Mandalorian cast member, Tik TOK Liberty, and the person on this cast most victimized by Mercury's current road trip through retrograde.

It's our scorekeeper Alby. 

Sean: [00:02:48] Oh, I 

Josh: [00:02:48] just can't 

with her. Can I just pull a Mariah? I don't know 

Josh: [00:02:51] her. 

Kory: [00:02:51] Sure. Cool. Also in Sacramento, practically, within shouting distance of Alby. Which is in fact why we had to separate them in the first place. It's our pal, Adam. 

Adam: [00:03:02] Come over and pick up that thing you left, or 

Josh: [00:03:05] you can keep it.

I don't want it. How 

Adam: [00:03:08] come Alby gets all these accomplishments and I'm just the guy who lives close to Alby 

Josh: [00:03:14] as I'm the 

Kory: [00:03:15] famous one. Sorry. There's only room for Al B's eco on this show. Adam, fresh off of his family's fourth mandatory vacation this quarter so far. Somewhere in some place. Maybe it's Jack.

Hey Jack. Hey, mom runs a 

tight ship and just be happy. I'm here to mess everything up cause I don't have a segment. So that's what I'm here to do. Hello? 

Kory: [00:03:37] How accurate that is on our flight East. Now we'll have an inexplicable three hour layover in Denver where we can visit the host of the modern mouse and assemble podcasts at some local coffee shop, giving the people in line at the Starbucks across the street.

The stinkiest of looks it's Josh Taylor. I only 

Josh: [00:03:55] give stanky, looks to hosts there on this podcast that refuse to give up their Starbucks. Even though they have horrible experiences at them on a consistent basis. When I've told them almost weekly, they should go somewhere else. 

Adam: [00:04:13] But you're not going to name names or anything.

I mean, 

Josh: [00:04:16] No, I would never say Corey's name out 

Kory: [00:04:18] loud. He hasn't had a conversation with anyone, but his wife off of zoom. And about two years, one was the pandemic. The rest is just a general dislike of the human race. Of course, via zoom in Greenville, South Carolina. It's Sean. Hey Sean. 

Sean: [00:04:32] I feel like I legally have to point out that I am not just mentally scattered, but I'm scattered smothered covered and chunked.

Yes. As is the waffle 

Kory: [00:04:40] house way. Hungry now spoken 

Adam: [00:04:42] like a true southerner. 

Kory: [00:04:43] And finally she co-hosts mornings on WVA Q in Morgantown, West Virginia, which means that if you can't hear her, it's not the microphone. It's not your headphones. It's regional blackouts. It's Nicki Drake. Hi, Nikki. Hi, I'm 

Jen: [00:04:57] here today.

I'm glad to be here. Welcome 

Kory: [00:04:59] Corey. I hope we get a poem out of you at some point during the show. No pressure. I 

can, I can get some 

Jen: [00:05:05] haiku's written while 

Kory: [00:05:06] we sit here. Jack's family's yacht. It 

Nikki: [00:05:10] can be 

Jen: [00:05:11] about Jack. It can be about Al B's, ego it's whatever. 

Kory: [00:05:15] Just let the muse. Speak, Jen. Thanks again for joining us on theme park, post the game.

You're a former Walt Disney world cast member at what roles do 

Jen: [00:05:22] I was attractions in the star Wars launch Bay and a character attendant or a blueberry. And that was at any park on any 

Kory: [00:05:30] given day from Walt Disney world in 2020 during the pandemic. It's important to us at the Merkel's the game to talk to the actual cast members.

What have these layoffs and losing your dream job, how has that affected your life in the time center? I 

Jen: [00:05:44] think, at least for me, it was something that was on the horizon. It was something that you saw the boat getting bigger and bigger. So I'm glad that Disney kept us on for as long as they could and took care of us for as long as they could.

Before these layoffs inevitably came, I survived most of 2020 with Disney helping me out. I've wanted to work at Disney world since I. Could remember, and I had two really great years with them and the story's not over yet. So I don't know if I could come back in some other role in some other capacity.

It was just bittersweet, but I was glad that, like I had that chapter of my story. Do you 

Kory: [00:06:22] have a favorite memory from your time as a cast member, Jesse? 

Jen: [00:06:25] People's faces light up, seeing these characters in real life and holding a lightsaber and like using the forest, it was just like, I've seen people cry, any range of emotions.

Like I've experienced them at 

Nikki: [00:06:37] Disney world. I'm crying right now.

Kory: [00:06:43] emails with you. You revealed to us a couple of hot takes that I wanted to go through one that the jungle cruise is racist and too. But the trace Caballeros ride is cringy. Yeah. Has that opinion changed now that it also has no animatronics? 

Nikki: [00:07:03] It's just 

Jen: [00:07:03] outdated. We feel your sister, like, you know, a theme park isn't supposed to be a, a time capsule.

Walt really intended it to keep changing, to keep growing. First couple of times I wrote jungle cruise. I was just like, Oh, that, you know the jokes they're, they're cool. And. And everything and they're cheesy and like, yeah, I get it. But it just felt very like through the lens of like colonization and you know, it just, it just felt weird and icky to me, especially like, I dunno, the shrunken head jokes, the getting back to civilization jokes is like, Oh, well the natives ooga booga it just felt very like, Uh, like this, but I get it.

People love the jingle cruise. So 

Kory: [00:07:47] it's what happens when you wrap some tensile around right. Brian, Jen, we're going to play the parks, pop culture, pop quiz. I'm going to ask you three questions about some recent news and parks, pop culture. If you get too correct, you're going to win a glow in the dark theme park pulse wristband.

Are you ready to play? Okay, I'm ready. You sound nervous.

That's her secret? The orange County register reports that a new bill proposed by California state assembly members would speed the reopening of Disneyland and universal studios, Hollywood and override the governor's guidelines that have left the state's theme, parks and amusement parks closed for more than 10 months.

Who is the governor of California? 

Nikki: [00:08:29] She lives in Florida. What are you doing to 

Jen: [00:08:32] her? 

Kory: [00:08:35] Yeah, that's right. Depending on the day of the pandemic, you're in, he's either the next president. Or is going to be immediately recalled an exile to the fair lawns by raft. But these businesses that run the parks and the assembly members that represent them, say it's time for a framework for reopening safely reached for a comment.

A Disney rep says, quote, M I C K E Y, where a freaking mess. He did not in fact say that they should have though. Question to Disney on ice is for many of us, a little glimpse of Disney. When you can't get to the parks, it rolls through town. And once you get over being the only inebriated solo adult in the arena, your blurred vision from the booze or your age makes it almost sort of feel like you're at Disney.

You know, well, Disney on ice was in Kansas city. Recently when the health department shut down their production of dream, big due to repeated violations of what. 

Nikki: [00:09:32] Not 

Jen: [00:09:32] wearing their masks. 

Kory: [00:09:35] We're going to take it. It's more severe though. It's repeated violations of COVID-19 restrictions, including. A COVID-19 outbreak among the staff that Disney on ice is parent company Feld entertainment failed to report.

This is why we can't have semi nice, almost passable, magical wish thing. That's generous as a big, all right. Theme park fans across the internet are expressing disappointment that the new ride dedicated to Mario kart is not what. 

Nikki: [00:10:10] Fast,

Kory: [00:10:14] Mario kart. You would think it's a no brainer, but the attraction is actually a slow moving dark ride. Here we go with an AR headset that gives you all of, kind of like the magic, but the reality is Roger rabbit's cartoon. Spin is faster than this X Sox personally. I think it looks cooler without the glasses and banana peels myself.

That's just just 50 CC. I'll be how to Jen do on the Park's top culture pop quiz. It's like she 

Josh: [00:10:39] read our minds. She got them. All right.

Kory: [00:10:46] You can catch Jen at Jen performs on Instagram. Wanted to make sure I plugged that. Jen, will you stick around and play some more games later in the show? 

Nikki: [00:10:53] I sure will.

Kory: [00:11:06] come back to theme park pulse, the game. Let's welcome. Our next contestant. He is the host of adventures with Parker on YouTube and Ontario, Canada. It's Parker, van Bellingham. Welcome to the show. 

Josh: [00:11:16] Hello, 

Parker: [00:11:16] or as we say in Canada, 

Josh: [00:11:18] sometimes buzzword, 

Kory: [00:11:21] well done. We're 

Adam: [00:11:22] international 

Kory: [00:11:23] now Parker, first question. What happens if we subscribe to adventures by Parker on YouTube?


Parker: [00:11:29] um, a lot of good things. I do a lot of videos about theme parks, but also the outdoors travel local places around my city and just whatever other Synetic against, I happened to 

Kory: [00:11:42] get up to. Well, and speaking of your city, you live in Ontario, Canada. How is the whole pandemic thing going there? Are you guys all still masked up and hiding there?

Look, we are here. Oh yeah. Like 

Parker: [00:11:51] I'm still in lockdown right now. I haven't been outside in a long time, but then again, even if it wasn't a pandemic, would I really go 

Sean: [00:11:58] outside 

Kory: [00:11:58] all that much? Is it cold 

Parker: [00:12:01] right now? Yes. Oh my goodness. It is negative 13 today with Fahrenheit. I believe translates to around 10 it's in the five to 10 range.


Kory: [00:12:12] is completely 

Sean: [00:12:12] unpleasant. It just sounds like you could walk around with a test tube of the Pfizer vaccine. It'd be perfectly fine because it's just so far. 

Kory: [00:12:20] Yeah. They probably don't have the problem of expiring vaccines in that climate. It just seems to leave them in the street. I'm on the doorstep.


Jen: [00:12:26] the same Bernard, throw them in a barrel around the neck and go door to door with the vaccine. 

Kory: [00:12:31] You grew up going to a park called Canada's Wonderland. Can you describe that for the non Canadians and our audience? Because I am visualizing snow and mooses, 

Parker: [00:12:41] I mean, it's not too far off. So the park, instead of a castle in its center has a giant mountain called wonder mountain.

And it has a few different themed lands. One of which is of course, frontier Canada, which is all about like lumberjacks and Yukon and all that great Canadian stuff. But there's also a little area called medieval fair. There's an area called action zone. It's owned by the same company that owns Cedar point.

So it's a, it's a pretty big park actually. 

Sean: [00:13:11] I feel like my beard would make me a deity there 

Josh: [00:13:17] kinda does that. 

Parker: [00:13:18] Definitely the lumberjack 

Sean: [00:13:19] aesthetic 

Kory: [00:13:21] get a flannel shirt. In addition to your YouTube channel, you're a college student at Western university. What are you studying? I 

Parker: [00:13:28] am studying integrated science with environmental 

Kory: [00:13:31] science.

And what drew 

Parker: [00:13:32] you to that? I don't know. I mean, originally my plan was to go through, to be a doctor, but then about halfway through my degree, I decided I really liked the, um, environmental stuff and I liked. You know that whole end of biology, as well as the social sciences and my program kind of offers a bit of everything.

So yeah, I decided to jump ships and I'm on a completely different career trajectory, but I'm loving it. 

Kory: [00:13:56] Well, good luck with your studies and your YouTube channel. And thank you for joining us this week. We've invited you here to play a game that Adam invented a game in which you must tell truth from fiction.

It's called. Show me the lot, Adam, 

Adam: [00:14:10] the game where the cast always tells me what a good liar I am. And I don't know how to that's true. When a company is as successful as Disney, it's bound to have its fair share of imitators and knockoffs. Everything from Marty moose at Wally world and national Lampoon's vacation to Sherry bobbins on the Simpsons.

Everyone wants to get a slice of Walt's product while staying just. It's different enough to ensure that uncle Bob doesn't take you to court. Sometimes though, these Disney knockoffs are just plain bad, so bad. In fact, they've spawned a whole new genre of movie, the mock Buster. I never even knew that term existed until this week.

And I plan it to work it into regular conversation from here on, out for this game, I'm going to read off plot summaries for three movies. Two of them are real mock busters. One of them I completely made up. Listen to these three Synopsys. And tell me if you can show me the light you're ready. 

Josh: [00:15:11] I guess I'm going to have to be, 

Adam: [00:15:13] that's usually the reaction I get for this game 

Kory: [00:15:15] that you are not running.


Adam: [00:15:18] right. Moving number one, prepare to be transported to the dark bleak, depressing wasteland of new iron city. The city was deserted hundreds of years ago when a corporation run by a greedy evil robot led earth to the brink of annihilation. The world is hopeless, but all is not lost. Meet our cute scrappy robot hero tranq who has been working for generations to clean up the city.

It's a boring monotonous life, but the only one he's ever known tranq is about to go on a voyage of discovery. And self-awareness, he is about to learn that he is a very special robot, possibly the only robot in the universe who's got what it takes to save civilization. Don't miss the feel-good smash, hit tiny robots.

Kory: [00:16:09] I would see this. 

You've already seen it. It's called. Wall-E 

Josh: [00:16:15] talking about. 

Adam: [00:16:17] I can neither confirm nor deny a moving number two, welcome come to a world where animals live in harmony and work together for a functioning society. For as long as she can remember. Trudy, the ferret has had only one dream to be a firefighter.

She graduated from fire Academy with top ranks in her class, but because we all know ferrets can't do anything she's assigned to handicap. Fractions to kids who were playing with firecrackers. All that's about to change though, because Trudy has got the assignment of a lifetime with the help of a con artist Wiley coyote, whose name is definitely not wildly coyote because that's another legal, gray area she's out to prove that ferrets can change the world just as well as any bear bull or horse, you could hope to meet fun for the whole family and a great lesson to boot.

Don't miss. Jungle Opolis 

Nikki: [00:17:10] Oh my God. I want to be Trudy's best 


Nikki: [00:17:13] She 

Josh: [00:17:13] sounds fun. 

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. Oh. Do some thing, right? 

Nikki: [00:17:21] It was horrible. 

Kory: [00:17:22] Settle down, Shakira. All right. 

Adam: [00:17:24] Third. Final blockbuster. Join Dr. Crumb and Dr. Zoucks and that magical fantastical adventure across many worlds, urban and rural to AME and wild.

The doctors have discovered a magical rock that can hypnotize humans. And installed thousands of balloons that will transport a house across land and seed doctors. Crummins Zoucks soon encounter an Intrepid French Explorer named John Pierre, who claims to have discovered a host of wild and exotic animals in the rainforest.

So they get in the flying house. Set sail for the Amazon. Soon, it becomes clear that John Pierre doesn't have the best of intentions and the dastardly Frenchman lures the doctor into a cave in order to steal their magic rock in the struggle for the magic rock. The trio accidentally opens a portal into which three beasts escape and are transported to Paris.

For some reason, for good measure, there are some kids thrown into the mix. So that the creators of this mock Buster can call it a children's movie with some justification. They don't seem to serve any purpose to the overall narrative, but regardless, anyone who hopes to join the adventures club absolutely must see what's up balloon to the rescue 

Kory: [00:18:34] Parker.

Two of those are real movies. One of those is a total fabrication made up by Adam. Can you show me the lie? 

Josh: [00:18:43] Well, I mean, 

Parker: [00:18:44] they all sound great. I'd love to see any of those movies, but I'm going to have to say that the light is the second one.

Adam: [00:18:57] little too on the notes. I think, I 

Josh: [00:19:00] think that was the one. 

Parker: [00:19:01] I want it to be real the most. So, 

Nikki: [00:19:04] so of course it has to be fake. 

Kory: [00:19:05] Yeah. Maybe 

Adam: [00:19:06] I'm losing my edge or maybe Parker's just good at spotting liars, quick note, Wally world and Marty news feature in the most recent episode of the part-time machine, which is in your feed right now.

Nice plug Adam. I'm so 

Kory: [00:19:19] proud of you. Very nice. Congratulations Parker. Will you hang out and play some more games later in the show? I would love to.

back to theme park, post the game. If you'd like to be a contestant call (213) 935-0513 and leave a message. Let's welcome back to the show. Our contestants, Jen and Parker. Welcome back. Good to still be here. Well, we'll see how you feel at the end of the game, because you're here to play with Josh Taylor, Josh, what is it?

Find out you are the worst, just 

Adam: [00:20:00] like that. 

Josh: [00:20:01] I am the worst. Uh, this game is called. I am the map. Typically you would walk into anything park, grab a paper map. And it would guide you to attractions, shops, restaurants, character locations, et cetera. However, a select few of us have all been on a trip with a passholder or a cast member of the Lake who refused to let us grab a map because in their mind, They are the map.

So I'm going to give you an increasingly difficult task of deciphering my instructions. And you have to tell me the place in which you should hopefully end up since I have both of you, Jen and Parker, I'm going to give you each three different locations. The person that has the most guest is at the end wins.

Hopefully you're both ready. Yeah, I am. The map will Parker. You are a first. 

Nikki: [00:20:58] Oh, okay. 


Josh: [00:21:01] I'm just 

Kory: [00:21:01] scared. Now, 

Josh: [00:21:03] Parker, if you're heading down main street USA, you'd take a right turn under the tomorrow land sign, follow the path all the way straight back. Don't take the walkway up to the people mover, but instead, slightly turned to your right and walk toward what round building.


Parker: [00:21:22] of 

Josh: [00:21:22] progress. It is correct,

Jen. Yes. John veer to your right. Take the walkway past Canada. Cross the bridge over the waterway and past France. It's actually the next country beyond France. Go in there. You should be able to meet characters from what nineties Disney movie 

Nikki: [00:21:47] you said beyond 

Josh: [00:21:47] France. Beyond 

Kory: [00:21:49] France. Would you like a hint of the government of this country?

No longer runs its pavilion Disney does. Is it Morocco? 

Jen: [00:21:57] Uh, Jasmine, 

Josh: [00:21:59] you can meet Jasmine or Aladdin or genie in Morocco. That is correct Parker. Once you've gone to discovery Island, you'll make a left turn, take the first left pass that travel that path into the land. You'll see some amazing rock formations turn right and walk to the open air building that looks like an old hangar with that roofing, then grab a seat and enjoy what restaurant Tooley canteen correct

Nikki: [00:22:36] is the map. Wow.

It's the 

Parker: [00:22:41] Canadian superpowers, 

Josh: [00:22:43] Jen. Once you've gotten to discovery Island veer, right? Take that path to its very end. You'll cross a bridge over the river from there. You'll have to choose to go right or left turn. Right. And then head into the back of the land. That's immediately there on your left. There will be a ride, but don't get on it.

Just keep walking straight back. That's where your journey will begin for. What. 

Nikki: [00:23:13] Expedition 

Josh: [00:23:13] Everest. You, you would be incorrect. 

Nikki: [00:23:16] Yeah, I figured close 

Josh: [00:23:18] though. It is the Maharajah jungle Trek Parker headed down Hollywood Boulevard. Do not turn onto sunset. Keep going before you get to the Chinese theater.

It's on your right-hand side, just behind a little guard. It's a nice little pricey restaurant called what? 

Nikki: [00:23:37] This is so unfair. 

Parker: [00:23:39] Hollywood and vine. 

Josh: [00:23:42] It is not. Oh, it is the Brown Derby.

Jen's looking for revenge. 

Nikki: [00:23:54] Dare Josh. Give me Adam. 

Josh: [00:23:58] Sorry, Jen. I know it's weird, but you cannot actually walk through the castle. But if you veer into Liberty square, there's a little path on your right-hand side. That'll take you back behind the castle when you're on that path. It's the first shop immediately on your right.

What shop is that? 

Nikki: [00:24:20] Is it the Phil horror 

Josh: [00:24:23] magic shop? It is not

Kory: [00:24:32] who won this version of IMT. Apparently 

Josh: [00:24:36] Parker 

Sean: [00:24:36] is the map 

Josh: [00:24:38] he got to. 

Kory: [00:24:41] Thank you. Yeah, it's okay, Jen, you're going to have a chance to get you revenge. We're playing the eighth dwarf next on theme park pulse, the game.

wrap up the show this week, we're going to play another round of the eighth dwarf, which you can play on social media. Using the hashtag eighth dwarf. The whole panel is going to play. Gin is here. Parker is here and Sean who is wearing his, I am the eighth dwarf. T-shirt take it away. 

Sean: [00:25:15] All right. Today, I'd like to turn our attention to the online.


Josh: [00:25:20] fandom. No, 

Kory: [00:25:23] same, same. 

Sean: [00:25:24] Now, as we all know, the seven dwarfs they're designed to represent specific behaviors or personality traits. And at some point, any of us are likely to read or write tweets that are happy dopey, or maybe even a little grumpy, but every now and then there are those people that we just can't categorize as one of the seven doors in their behavior, or in this case, tweets are so outrageous that we fit them into their own category.

Called the eighth dwarf. Now I want to begin with a disclaimer. Twitter is awful. And if Twitter is hell, then fittingly does Twitter is the eighth layer of hell. Look it up. I'm not wrong. The dwarves, there are just the worst note that I have changed. The Twitter handles to protect all of you from doom scrolling.

These twits. You're welcome. Going in order of amusing to atrocious, let's start with does glow up 2010. This account was so bizarre. I honestly wasn't sure whether they were legit or satire and mixed in with selfies of herself and her girls spelled G U R L Z, because I don't know why. These are kind of cuckoo posts.

For example, I have a cousin who works for the government and they told me that Disneyland is opening on February 30th. Hashtag can't wait. I don't think that they have a calendar and then there's this one. I talked to a cast member who told me that Disney is working on rolling tube tunnels for all future parades to enforce appropriate social distancing, hashtag fat.

Like I said, I honestly can't tell if what I'm reading is serious parody or just a bot run a muck. Corey, what is your name for does glow up 

Kory: [00:27:17] 2010 

Adam: [00:27:20] Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor green.

Nikki: [00:27:26] perfect. I don't mean 

to reduce it. We're using recycled, but I feel like this is definitely Tom coreless his Twitter. I was going to say 

Nikki: [00:27:33] thirsty for some 

Josh: [00:27:35] attention. Q1 on E. Oh, that's a good one. Horn to Viking. Insurrectionist Jacob chancellor


Nikki: [00:27:51] to 

Parker: [00:27:52] check their sources, ear.

Kory: [00:27:57] I 

Adam: [00:27:57] E the entire internet. Yeah. 

Jen: [00:28:01] Q 

Nikki: [00:28:01] conspiracy Z. 

Sean: [00:28:05] It's got good ring to it. Yeah, it does. It does. I think for that one, we're going to go with Jed with cute. 

Josh: [00:28:12] All 

Sean: [00:28:12] right. So if you haven't looked yet, the eighth layer of hell is actually known to be the home of liars flatterers and false prophets. It is fan went 80, seems to have read that description from Dante and just replied with, hold my beer to wit.

In 2019, the country bear Jabber Rebo would be replaced with Bob Hagar's children doing an eight hour remixed version of Oklahoma called OCA hump guns. I'll eat my shoe if I'm wrong

in case you're curious. Cut. Your bears is still there. The show hasn't been changed, although I could probably use a touch up here and there. When asked about this fact, his fan went 80 quickly. Yelled squirrel attempted to distract from their myriad mistakes. See the trick with does Twitter. You're never wrong.

If you only count the hits and ignore all the misses. But as we say down here in the South, even a stop clock is right. Twice a day is fan one 80. How would you like your shoe cooked also? Do you prefer ketchup or mayonnaise? Corey, what do we call it? Does fan 

Kory: [00:29:20] one 80. Rongey right. 

Adam: [00:29:25] Deflecting. 

Josh: [00:29:26] Ooh. 

I like the idea of him just being squirrel.

Like he just said his name when he was trying to distract 

Josh: [00:29:34] people. So 

Nikki: [00:29:35] scrolling, 

Jen: [00:29:36] no friends and very bored. He. 

Josh: [00:29:39] Oh, must run out of a lot of shoes. He, uh, this is clearly a Texas Senator, Ted Cruz. 

Parker: [00:29:50] Gosh. Kids don't do drugs.

Nikki: [00:29:57] Good old boy.

Sean: [00:30:02] Oh, I think we have to stick with the advice. Kids don't do drugs. They can partner. That's our winner. Thank you, bud. 

Kory: [00:30:09] Parker. And Jen, thank you so much for joining us something park. Thanks for having us post the game created, written and produced by me and the panelists you heard on the show today. I'm talking about Shawn Reed, Adam bargain, Jack Milliken, Nicki Drake, Alby magical.

And Josh Taylor. I'd like to thank again, our amazing contestants, Jen and Parker. If you'd like to be a guest on the show yourself, call (213) 935-0513 and leave a message or email Nikki. And I K K an all new episode of the doom. Scroll drops tomorrow on our Patrion. That show is weekly and it all tiers check out the link in the description and support our work for as little as a dollar or a month.

And you'll get that in other cool bonuses. There is a link in the show notes. You enjoyed this episode of theme park, post the game, the best way to help us. Share it with a friend. All right. Panel. If you're in a relationship, you might have like a celebrity hall pass. Let's get weird for a second because your Disney feature animation call Pat.


Sean: [00:31:12] Wait, does that count Pixar? Because it would definitely be missing credible. 

Nikki: [00:31:15] Oh, 

Adam: [00:31:17] Sean, 100% stole mine. You bastard

Josh: [00:31:24] Jack. 

Well, I think my 12 year old self needs to go with Roxanne from a 

Josh: [00:31:29] goofy movie, 

Kory: [00:31:30] Nicki 

Jen: [00:31:31] personally, I was going to say Aladdin, but then I started thinking about it and Jeannie can turn into whoever you want. 

Nikki: [00:31:38] Right. 

Kory: [00:31:40] Spicy Alby. Oh Jesus. 

Josh: [00:31:44] Um, 

Sean: [00:31:45] he wasn't in a Disney movie, 

Josh: [00:31:48] the Eldorado buddy, uh, Flynn. Oh, Lynn Reiner.

It's a smolder. Josh Taylor. You could really go with Baymax and he would take care of you after 

Kory: [00:32:05] great cuddler. 

Josh: [00:32:07] Good hugs. That's gross. 

Kory: [00:32:09] No one that knows me is going to be surprised by my answer. I'm going with a Latin, but like vest already half undressed, a Latin from our family to yours. Please be safe.

Wear a mask, get a vaccine if you're eligible and join us next time for another all new theme park. 

Josh: [00:32:27] Sure. It was

Nikki: [00:32:32] a good one too. 

Kory: [00:32:34] Oh yeah, that would have been great.